Everything is bigger in Houston, TX


Those who read this blog probably remember that my boyfriend used to live in Oklahoma, which is a place that I LOVE. Well, they’ve since moved to Houston, TX, which is a place that I am pretty ambivalent to, but I love to visit anyway!

Before I headed out to TX, I stopped for a week in Michigan, which is absolutely my favorite place in the world. I ate so many Better Made Potato Chips and drank so much Bells and Founder’s while playing Euchre that it’s a miracle I didn’t gain 10 lbs. I wish that Michigan (the Midwest in general, really) had more major software engineering opportunities because I would move back in a heartbeat. The Seattle area is nice, but I still feel like a guest

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“Aloha” from Hawaii

My first big vacation since starting work – Honolulu. This picture is from Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. Enjoying the sun, scenery, and ESPECIALLY food. More pictures and a recap to come later!kualoa

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Afternoon in Napa, CA

10422507_10205988590367073_2752962657821713894_n (1)

A few months ago, I received the exciting news that my cousin and his wife are going to be having a baby girl in July! I was invited to the baby shower – the catch? It’s in Napa, California a.k.a wine country! Of course, I absolutely could not say no to this opportunity to visit my cousins and see Napa. One of my best college friends, Diego, lives in San Francisco, so I stayed with him and he came to Napa with me for the day. It was a great day of pretending to be rich, classy, and famous.

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Seaplanes over Seattle

This isn’t a travel post so much seeing as I live in the Seattle area, but it was a fun enough thing to do that it felt like a vacation day. “Staycation”, or whatever they’re calling it these days. In December, we saw Seattle from the air!

Seattle from the Plane

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Getting my kicks on Route 66 – Oklahoma and other adventures

Land Run Monument, Oklahoma City

Land Run Monument, Oklahoma City

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Oklahoma this past year – it’s pretty OK (I use that joke on my sister every chance I get sorry I know it’s bad). Actually, though, I’ve fallen in love with Oklahoma City. There’s plenty to do, cost of living is cheap, they have my guilty pleasure Chik-Fil-A, it’s not overcrowded (biggest struggle of this country girl living in Seattle… ugh), etc. There’s no Tim Hortons there, though, which makes it a tough call… although we don’t have them in Washington either. More importantly, though, software engineering jobs are on the west coast where Oklahoma is not. Sad.

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