Seaplanes over Seattle

This isn’t a travel post so much seeing as I live in the Seattle area, but it was a fun enough thing to do that it felt like a vacation day. “Staycation”, or whatever they’re calling it these days. In December, we saw Seattle from the air!

Seattle from the Plane

Let me back up and tell you how we got here….

I’d been struggling for a while trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend (we’ll call him Cameron because that is his name) for Christmas. Cameron’s one of those people who are stupendously hard to shop for because he already buys himself everything he wants. I eventually came up with the idea of giving him an experience instead of a material gift. After a late night looking on Groupon, Livingsocial, and Tripadvisor, I finally figured it out. One thing that Cameron and I have in common is that we both like planes. When I was in middle, I wanted to be a fighter pilot or work on planes somehow… later I learned of the world of computer programming and the rest is history, but that’s another story. He’s also a software engineer, but he’s fascinated with how planes work and won’t hesitate to talk your ear off for half an hour about one. Anyway, a local business called Seattle Seaplanes offers 20 minute scenic flights over Seattle. I knew that this was it – a surprise present for him that we could experience together and both enjoy.

I printed this picture out and it's framed on my table :)
I printed this picture out and it’s framed on my table 🙂

The day finally came. I looked out the window to see everything engulfed in fog; I was a little concerned and during our morning coffee I pretended to go to the bathroom but really was calling Seattle Seaplanes to make sure everything would still be okay for our flight. Luckily, the fog lifted and off we went! Cameron still didn’t know what we were doing for his big surprise, which made for a fun bus ride of coming up with ludicrous guesses (“We’re going on a limo ride! The limo is just going to drive us back to the apartment and nothing else! Woohoo!”). When we finally got close to the lake, I said “Do you see that sign? That’s what we’re doing today”. The sign, of course, said Seaplane Tours! He was happy to see that we would be doing something so cool – he told me that he would have never guessed it, either. Success!


We got checked in and loaded up into the seaplane for our flight. It was interesting because I had the sensation of being on a boat, but was really in a plane… or is it both?

Ready for takeoff!
Ready for takeoff!

Then it was up, up and away!

Mt. Rainier with the city
Mt. Rainier with the city. How I wish I owned a real camera – it was stunning to see from the air.
The Ferris wheel and waterfront
The Ferris wheel and waterfront
You can see the Space Needle at the top of the frame
You can see the Space Needle at the top of the frame

Remember how I said that I lived right by Seattle? Well, the pilot heard that we lived right across the lake and asked where. We told him, and he flew right over our apartment for us. Super neat personal touch!

I'm writing this post from one of those apartments down there!
I’m writing this post from one of those apartments down there!

The landing was pretty cool – I remember not taking any pictures during that part since I didn’t want to miss a second.

Even though it was a present for Cameron, I feel like I got myself a present, too. I was all smiley and excited after the fact. Highly, highly recommend a seaplane tour if you can make it happen in your area (or when you visit Seattle! 😉 ).

Afterward, we went to Chandler’s Crabhouse for lunch, which is a big name in the seafood restaurant industry out here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the restaurant’s food (it was quite tasty, but very rich, which my stomach doesn’t handle well in meal-sized portions). However, it was a great finishing touch to come down from the flight and sit at a table with a view of the lake while sipping bellinis and trying crab for the first time.

Our view from the restaurant was looking out into this view - the same lake that we'd just flown on.
Our view from the restaurant was looking out into this view – the same lake that we’d just flown on.

Despite living so close, I tend to avoid going into Seattle for anything (if you know me or read my posts, it’s no secret that I don’t care for how crowded and pricey it is… I miss that country livin’), but I’m glad we did for this!

p.s. We had this conversation while looking down at the full parking lots: “Wow, everything is so crowded down there. How do you even survive with a car in this city? Let’s never move to Seattle”. I think I found the right man for me, guys.

Happy adventuring!


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