Everything is bigger in Houston, TX


Those who read this blog probably remember that my boyfriend used to live in Oklahoma, which is a place that I LOVE. Well, they’ve since moved to Houston, TX, which is a place that I am pretty ambivalent to, but I love to visit anyway!

Before I headed out to TX, I stopped for a week in Michigan, which is absolutely my favorite place in the world. I ate so many Better Made Potato Chips and drank so much Bells and Founder’s while playing Euchre that it’s a miracle I didn’t gain 10 lbs. I wish that Michigan (the Midwest in general, really) had more major software engineering opportunities because I would move back in a heartbeat. The Seattle area is nice, but I still feel like a guest

ANYWAY. Enough sentimentalism – you’re wondering “how was Houston, Michelle”?

I ought to begin with a disclaimer: Cameron (said boyfriend)’s family lives in The Woodlands, which is a planned city north of Houston, which is not the same as Actual Houston.

I have to say, the Houston area is growing on me. This was my third visit to the area – the first one didn’t impress me, the second was okay, and this one fomented some fondness.

I’ll start off as a Debbie Downer, as I often am, with the things I don’t like about the area:

  • Not walker friendly. Sidewalks seem to be an afterthought and the mentality seems to be to drive your car half a mile down the road. I do not own a car because I do not need/want one and I am annoyed with the idea of being dependent on a vehicle.
  • Everything really is bigger in Texas. I’m not enthused with the idea of rampant consumption.

On the plus side….

  • THE FOOD. If you’ve met me for a second, I probably brought up food during our interaction. Texas is a great place for this whole “food” hobby. Hello, Texas brisket!
  • I love the South in general. I am a Northerner by every definition of the word (well, I’m half­-Canadian raised in Michigan). I enjoy that even in their populated cities, things are a little more spread out.
  • I appreciate that there is a level of Texas-specific culture. All advertising seems to mention “Texas” in some way. Michigan is similar in this way, which I love – Michigan has a very special culture that is not specific to much of the nation and I like seeing a (very) different version of this state culture and pride in Texas.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t go to Texas for vacation again if there weren’t wonderful people there to visit. I’ve only been to Houston and San Antonio, though, so maybe my opinion will change when I visit other parts of the state.


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