A Picnic in Isfahan

I think Isfahan is the only city in Iran I haven’t really blogged about yet. When we visited, it was a religious holiday, so everyone took advantage of it to go out to the main square in Isfahan and picnic (according to Nadia, the second largest square in the world after somewhere in China?). I … More A Picnic in Isfahan


Getting all caught up on blogging because my hotel does not have wifi today. Second one in a row where the wifi works one day and doesn’t the next. The problem is really weird; “we do not have username to give you today, come back later”. I’ve got half a mind to go down there … More Tehran

The Journey to Iran

When I got on the plane to Tehran from my layover in Istanbul, it was full of mixed feelings. I started planning over 5 months ago, and now it’s finally here! Alongside excitement, there’s a bit of nervousness – what if passport control rejects me? (it’s not unheard of for Americans to be turned away … More The Journey to Iran